Secondary Residence Clubs and Fractional Ownership Property

Secondary Residence Clubs are essentially a fractional ownership of a particular vacation home in an exotic location anywhere in the World. Holiday vacation clubs are also known as private residence clubs. This concept is somewhat new and enables you to enjoy several weeks annually of home ownership privileges at a 5 star luxury resort in your favorite location on the planet at a fraction of the cost of whole ownership. This concept makes sense if you have a vacation lifestyle affording you time to take extended trips away from your main residential home.

With vacation club properties you only pay for the time you use instead of just paying for the entire time in whole ownership purchasing options. Fractional ownership and secondary residence clubs can be a very cost effective method to take your vacation in the most spectacular holiday resorts on the planet basically making it “your home away from home” in a foreign country. If you want to enjoy the several benefits of owning a second home in a foreign country with turnkey professional services and luxury amenities fractional ownership real estate is perfect for you.

Fractional ownership vacation properties and secondary residence clubs always typically endeavor to give you very exclusive fully featured amenities with a wide array of lavish swimming pools, private clubhouses and spas to five-star in house maid services on demand serving your every possible need, leaving you the ability to enjoy your vacation 100% worry free.

Prices of Fractional Ownership and Secondary Residence Homes

 The price of secondary residence homes and fractional ownership vacation properties range quite widely from around $30,000 all the way to well over $1 million obviously depending upon your budget and spending comfort level. These prices take into consideration your location, level of overall amenities and luxury accommodations, property size, number of weeks and exclusivity. Typical vacation properties might include apartments, cabins, hotel suites, private housing projects or beautiful villas.

Personal and professional worry free service and trust is where vacation property clubs and fractional ownership properties are clearly a better choice than the standard tradition of buying a second home in your country of origin. With today’s active lifestyle World, most people feel time is their most valuable asset and should be maximized by maintaining a professional support structure around them. Fractional ownership vacation clubs and secondary residences help you achieve that.