Is Fractional Ownership Right for You?

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Absolute Holiday Club MembersWhat are the advantages of Fractional Ownership?

By fractionalizing the property, both the initial and ongoing costs are significantly less than costs associated with maintaining the same property on your own. Fractional Owners also typically receive a more luxurious level of management and service compared to holiday home ownership, making the whole vacation lifestyle experience both turnkey and top shelf.

Fractional vacation properties may or may not allow for rentals depending upon the specific property. The premium paid for the vacation property and association fees will not make this a prudent choice if you are looking strictly for a rental investment property. Fractional ownership makes the most sense for potential investors who will use the property for their own recreational travel and vacation lifestyle enjoyment.

The professional team and World Class resorts at Club Absolute will help you navigate through the realities of fractional ownership or other options suitable for making a knowledgeable and well informed investment decision.

Fractional Ownership is for you if…

  • You spend less than 8 weeks a year at your vacation property
  • Most vacation property owners spend less than four weeks a year at their second home, the majority spend less than two weeks a year
  • Your primary goal is to purchase a true place to have your “home away from home”
  • You prefer that your vacation property to be turnkey and fully managed
  • The idea of reducing the purchase price and carrying costs for the vacation property are attractive to your investment capital

Holiday Home Ownership is right for you if…

  • You spend more than four months a year at your vacation property
  • If you spend more than four months a year at your holiday home or do not want the restrictions of a structured schedule, fractional ownership will not work for you. Some people want a home that is always available for all the family. In this situation there is no substitution for whole ownership
  • You want your vocational property to be completely your own vacation property
  • You want to rent out your holiday home for additional income