Absolute Destinations – Hotels in Thailand & Around the World

Vacation clubs offer people a lot of great benefits ranging from gorgeous 5 star vacation resorts in stunning destinations to a turnkey vacation lifestyle great for relieving the stress you may incur from your normal daily grind.

Absolute Destinations Club is one of the best and more reputable vacation property companies that operate on a Worldwide basis. With a large staff of professional holiday managers to ensure your vacation goes without a hitch, you are able to fulfil everything you imagined on your dream vacation. Not only do we offer Absolute hotels in Thailand but also a global network of partner resorts for you to access. Every resort in our network is reviewed on a constant basis and only the best remain available to members so that we ensure you receive the high quality hospitality services, where ever you go on your holiday.

What’s the difference between a timeshare and the Absolute Destinations holiday club?

Timeshare is the right to spend a holiday in your “own” villa or apartment for a week for a given number of years. Although they have received their share of bad press in the past, timeshares are now regulated and so buying a timeshare from a reputable company is a good option for many.

The concept enables people to buy a specific period – usually one week or two – in a timeshare resort, owners pay an annual service charge for each week owned.

Holiday clubs, like timeshares, give you the opportunity to have your holiday guaranteed every year, but the flexibility to spend your next vacation in one of the many luxury resorts available in the Absolute’s Destination Club network.