Club Absolute Membership

Do you crave new destinations? Perhaps you want to visit a Disney resort or take a safari in Kenya? With the Club Absolute, you can access high quality resorts around the globe.

For a one-time joining fee and a small annual management charge, a lifetime of stunning vacations in over 200 luxury resorts awaits you. Some resorts are built by Absolute Worlds award winning resort development team, while others are carefully chosen partner resorts. All are of the highest quality and in landmark locations worldwide.

Club Absolute has tens of thousands of members, who enjoy a flexible and fun programme of guaranteed holidays year after year. Customers choose their number of weeks, and use Absolute Last Minute and Absolute Extra Rentals to choose where to go or stay. If you are a Club Absolute member, you can even rent out your weeks if you don’t want to take them.

There are many vacation properties to choose from to fit your budget and vacation lifestyle needs with Club Absolute. Dozens of properties and five-star quality fractional ownership solutions are available for your exclusive enjoyment located in some of the best resorts in all the world.

Be sure to browse the extensive World of Absolute Club destinations and decide which vacation property solution is suitable for your active lifestyle needs. Don’t forget to educate yourself on the differences of timeshares and fractional ownership vacation solutions.

Club Absolute prides itself in treating it’s guests as part of a family, with friendly staff and vacation property professionals to help you fulfil your holiday needs and desires. No request is too trivial as our dedicated vacation professionals will surely make your stay with Club Absolute your “home away from home”.