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The World of vacation clubs cater to many happy and loyal vacation property owners. We are always making lots of friends each and every day and many people send us their experiences or photos in appreciation for their memorable vacations within the worlds best vacation ownership schemes. Here you will find an ongoing list of fun vacation stories, photos and videos showing all the amazing joy everyone had on their trips.

If you have stayed at a luxury timeshare resort and wish to submit your review and any photos or videos you may have taken, please go to the Absolute Vacation Clubs contact page for more information on trip report submissions.

Travel Experiences from Fractional Ownership Vacation Property Owners

Below are some fun travel experiences and information submitted by vacation property owners from around the World. We will be adding to this section constantly with new and exciting holiday experiences.

Ann Stewart kindly shared her timeshare experiences

Nearly every year I come down to Maui, HI for my vacation. It is a lovely island, and my whole family loves it. As I am quite busy at work throughout the year, I do not often have time to plan a vacation there. My husband, on the other hand, has time but pretty much hates having to take care of all those travel arrangements. That’s how we ended up getting into timeshare ownership.

We purchased a 1/52 share of a luxurious, well-maintained apartment in Lahaina. We have access to a large swimming pool and a tennis court. Our kitchen is well-equipped, which is a good bonus to us as we quite like staying in and cooking local delicacies. The best part of it all is that we have gotten rid of the problem of hotel booking on annual basis. We just buy a ticket from LA to Maui and come every March for a week (our ownership timeslot).

Maintenance fees have so far been under control and have not been increasing like crazy. I think the reason that we are content with our timeshare ownership is that we’ve never ever signed anything in a rush at some timeshare conference. You have to be sales resistant if you end up going for the freebies to the timeshare presentation. My husband and I took time to study all the documents, we visited the apartment before purchasing a share in it, we asked people staying there how high were their maintenance fees in the last years, and, most importantly, we showed our contract to a lawyer before signing it. Another important point is that we never took a mortgage for this purchase. We used some of our savings to finance our vacation getaway, because one really shouldn’t purchase what he/she cannot afford, especially because timeshare scheme is not a financial investment but rather a way to simplify your yearly vacation.

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